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CTeen LINKS bridges the generation gap by getting together with senior citizens for educational and social virtual get-togethers.

We run a monthly virtual game night where teens and seniors relax and have a good time playing games.

LINKS is a stellar program where teens can interview seniors on their life story and record it in through zoom interviews. Teens will be trained in interview and video/publication editing.

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The Program

LINKS is an innovative program that aims to meet the needs of the seniors within our community by connecting them with willing and capable volunteers such as yourselves. It has been proven time and time again that consistent human interactions can greatly impact the quality of life of the aged, and those who interact with seniors are in the position to accomplish a tremendous amount.  Our goal is to provide meaningful interactions for seniors and teens while preserving the dignity and respect of our senior population.

The Activities

LINKS is designed to enable seniors to develop on-going relationships with volunteers. As part of the program, you are encouraged to share Torah thoughts, stories, or relevant information about upcoming Jewish holidays. LINKS will provide you with the necessary materials weekly as well as training on how to perform interviews and record/edit them succesfully. The time spent with the seniors will be utilized to its utmost so that they are able to benefit from and enjoy it as much as possible.


Prior to initial senior interviews, you are required to participate in a a few training sessions which are designed to give you the tools to have the most meaningful and productive interactions. Training sessions can be arranged for small groups. Currently, our program is running through zoom and the interactions will be virtual so the visitation training sessions will not be required. Each teen must participate in the three training sessions before being able to begin interviewing seniors, trainings count towards volunteer hours as well.


A major goal of the LINKS program is to train volunteers that are interested in developing a long term relationship with their senior. LINKS coordinators work to schedule your interviews, and you are encouraged to be consistent with your weekly visits. Anticipating future interviews with a LINKS volunteer can help seniors maintain a more positive outlook; therefore, consistency is a crucial key to a relationship that is beneficial for the senior. You may interview one or more seniors depending on availability.



Who would imagine that my husband and I would be joined by young men and women to play bingo on the internet, what a wonderful idea!

—  Stefania Sitbon

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