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All we have is the present moment

"We must develop a habit that when engaged in a particular activity...nothing else exists" - The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Lightpoints from our weekly Positivity Club


Did you know that "distractibility" is a scientific term? Well it's also a Jewish one. Scientists have actually quantified a persons ability to be distracted and then measured the differences in one's mental and emotional well being. Needless to say...the more distracted we are - the less we feel fulfilled and happy in life. Judaism offers us the opposite of distraction - "Kavana" which means (losely) "focus with energy." When we are fully present in what we are doing, for example saying a blessing on an apple we are about to eat not just with out lips but with our mind, heart and intention, we feel fulfilled and find happiness and appreciation in our own lives (not to mention bringing fulfillment to the world). Wanna learn more about the power of being present...Join positivity club each Wednesday at 10pm for a power dose of positive living.

Killingsworth, M. A., & Gilbert, D. T. (2010). A wandering mind is an unhappy mind. Science, 330(6006), 932-932.

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