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Hacked! Living and Learning

Our instagram account was hacked recently and people we didn't know were sending messages we did not want them to send. Thank G-d we got the account back (after a lot of effort!), but we couldn't walk away without turning it into a lesson, as the Baal Shem Tov teaches, everything we see and hear in life is a lesson in our service of the One Above.

Have you ever said something you couldn't believe you said? Or done something that you can't believe you did? We all do. Then we struggle, how could I have done or said or thought that? Well... just like software (and this instagram account) we get hacked. We each are born with a good inclination and an evil one too and that's normal, that's okay. If our barriers are not set up well (and sometimes even if they are) our evil inclination can breach our system, our thoughts, our speech and even our actions, and when it does we want to scream out to the world, THIS ISN'T ME! And it's true, because it's not you... you've been hacked.

So what do we do? We go to our local Rabbi and Rebbetzin and we ask for support, we're given a few reset codes and new guidelines to live by and we're able to regain control.

Lastly, we need to change our passwords, the old ones don't work anymore, we have to continually grow and refine our character and service of G-d. We need new security measures, new barriers in those areas in which we may be prone to hacks again in the future, and so we strengthen ourselves we do a security check up to make sure we are in the direction of serving Hashem and we back posting ourselves and inspiring the world.

So, thank you hackers for the valuable lesson ;)

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