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Kicking off the new year CTeen Style

It's beginning...a new year filled with opportunities to learn, grow and connect. What this new year means for CTeen is a year filled with new and more meaningful programs like our Israeli Identity Course, like our Jewish Learning Institute, like our weekly Torah Partners program. It also means more exciting programs like our new 5v5 Basketball Leauge, our CChefs cooking program and our awesome trips.

It's all about at CTeen our goal for this coming year is to CONNECT. To connect each Jewish teen we meet with their OWN NESHAMA and with EACH-OTHER. To connect our communities past with our future through programs like L.I.N.K.S and senior pals. May this year be filled with POSITIVE connections for each and every one of us!

Shana Tova from Rabbi Benny and Bosmat Kamchaji and Family

Check out the fun times from our kick off BBQ this past week...

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