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Life is like a piano

Sometimes in life we see everything as black and white, we feel like we are living in a monotone world. We get bogged down doing the same tasks day in and day out, just playin those same black and white keys... over and over.

When we feel like our daily interactions are just a bunch of black and white notes, we need to stop for a moment. We must read the notes of life more carefully and listen to the music more intently. There are only 8 notes on a scale - but there are many scales and an infinite way to combine those 8 notes to create beautiful music. So everyone has their eight notes, but it's how you play them that matters

Ask for some support or guidance from someone who truly loves you and begin to play those notes. When you get the help you need to put those notes in the right order, those same monochrome notes can make the most colorful music. You will see the more you put into it the more likely you are starting to play a beautiful musical piece...but, don't be alarmed if it starts off a bit out of tune...

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